The 5 Best Celebrity Beauty Tips for her

The 5 Best Celebrity Beauty Tips for her

Stars are like role models for most women when it comes to beauty, makeup and style. It’s not easy to get hold of these stars, beauty secrets and routines, but here’s sneak peek at how some of these beauties get so, well, beautiful.

We’ve managed to get tips from five mega stars, women who undoubtedly always have gorgeous skid and look fantastic. Enjoy and benefit from their beauty guidelines as adopting the right care routine and using the right make-up techniques can make a great difference to your looks.

  • Jessica Alba
    Brand Ambassadress, Honest Beauty

Jessica Alba Honest Beauty HFA Fashion
Jessica Alba, known as an empire of non-toxic beauty, is also the face of prestigious brands. Alba highlights her golden skin color by using a bronzing powder at the forehead, bridge of the nose and on the cheeks. She also loves moisturizing lotions that protect her skin from dryness, especially while travelling. The Latina’s magic trick to highlight her beauty is dabbing her lips with peachy gloss to add brightness.

  • Olivia Halt
    Brand Ambassadress, Neutrogena

Olivia Halt Neutrogena HFA Fashion
Olivia, this 18 year old Disney Star loves the natural and subtle look. To achieve it, she takes care of her skin regularly by following a daily skincare routine, such as moisturizing and exfoliating her skin due to her dry skin and using acne mask. She recommends a strawberry lip balm and mascara always.

  • Kristen Stewart
    Brand Ambassadress, Chanel Beauty

Kristen Stewart Chanel Beauty HFA FashionThe newly announced Brand Ambassadress of Chanel Make-up, Kristen Stewart, the twilight girl, doesn’t use a lot of make-up personally. But she says, she can’t live without a moisturizer. She uses a tinted moisturizer, because she believes is better for the skin than foundation and uses a brightener on her hairline and under her eyes to look radiant although she has perfect skin.

  • Rihanna
    Brand Ambassadress, Christian Dior

The new face of Christian Dior, the “Take A Bow’’ Singer, Rihanna, her beauty routine revolves around moisturizers. She moisturizes her skin several times every day. She actually uses a tinted moisturizer that gives her skin a luminescent color and vitality. She loves wearing make-up, but also believes, it’s important to look after your skin.

  • Zendaya Coleman
    Brand Ambassadress, CoverGirl

Zendaya Coleman CoverGirl HFA FashionThe young Barbie Singer, Zendaya Coleman, follows a smart routine for her skin. She uses her favorite moisturizer and Chap Stick every day, to help her look her best. She often goes as natural as possible, but also can’t go out without her eye liner.  Her usual look is a little concealer, mascara and a little amount of blush and she is good to go.

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