Mimi Cuttrell popular stylist Gigi Hadid – HFA Fashion

Fashion Fashion Designers Models October 28, 2017 0 Comments

Mimi Cuttrell popular stylist who has been recently styling suits and looks for the top model Gigi Hadid and also has rouse a bumble in the Fashion Industry. Mimi’s personal pick for fashion is hippie-boho-rock-chic style. She thinks that you don’t need to show skin to be sexy. It’s more about how you carry yourself and being effortless. For [Gigi],…

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Mayari Funkaari Khussa Designer Pakistan

Fashion Designers Women Shoes October 23, 2017 0 Comments

MAYARI FUNKAARI Khussa Designer is a brand name for KHUSSA, with unique and eccentric designs. At Mayari Funkaari khussa’s are crafted with impressively delicacy and artistic skills. Our khussa’s portray different forms of art. Our intricate designs highlights the ethnicity of our tradition. Khussa is a traditional style predominantly worn in the Asian countries. It is one of the most…

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Tena Durrani Fashion Designer Pakistan

Fashion Fashion Designers October 18, 2017 0 Comments

Tena Durrani Fashion Designer Pakistani Fashion Industry has transformed as many youngster started taking interest in fashion sector. Pakistani Fashion Industry has evolved at the international levels and has change the prospective of Pakistan. For which our talented Fashion Designers has made tremendous accomplishments.In 2005, when the industry was rising, Tena Durrani Fashion Designer launched her first collections of casuals,…

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The Victoria’s Secret Lingerie Kimonos, Slips, Teddies Bodysuits

Fashion Fashion Designers Models October 5, 2017 0 Comments

America’s largest lingerie, kimonos, slips, teddies bodysuits retailer. This name needs no introduction, no description and no stories, just take the name and it’s already sold! Victoria’s Secret known for it’s annual fashion shows and their magazines that every fashion oriented industry follows. Every model dies to work for Victoria’s Secret, they have this unique and sex appealing bras and…

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Sasha Berry Scarves for Men and Women

Fashion Fashion Designers September 29, 2017 0 Comments

Wanna add an elegant look to your wardrobe? Don’t forget your Sasha Berry’s coolest scarves edition. Angeline Ober is the name for the most chic style designer scarves, this young designer is a passionate lady who loves art. Bringing aesthetics and contemporary art concepts to her Sasha Berry Scarves. She has her unique and original prints that any fashionista would…

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