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Love & Relationship As Positive or Negative

Love November 30, 2017 0 Comments

What is Love? How would you define LOVE, as negative or positive? The answer to this question can confuse anybody, as a very common quote we all know about ”Love can either make or break a person”, yes, it’s true, it totally depends what matters we are putting into perspective! It can make you the happiest person and take you…

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Julia Magdalena Model From Germany

Celebrity Models November 23, 2017 1 Comments

Being a fashion model can be challenging as it requires meeting the high standards of the fashion world. Modelling is no doubt a challenging job and required a lot of confidence and attitude. Just like this stunning Julia Magdalena Model from Germany is a rising star in the fashion world, from North Rhine-Westphalia. She is a multi talented girl, who…

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